Appearance of the baby (Black + White)?

Hello, I expect in a few months my baby. Papa has a chocolate brown color but not quite soo dark as Africans, here he comes (Afro-Latino) from the Caribbean. However, I'm very bright white and blond and blue-eyed by nature.

I know you can not predict how the baby will look like, but what is more likely, in the enforcement of the skin color. If the baby rather white or light brown or quite brown? anyone of you mongrel baby? Which color has since rather enforced, light or dark?

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A book by Mendel for genetics can certainly help you. There are features that are dominant (occurring quite sure), and some that are recessive (only sometimes occur). You get / her safely gets a wonderful beautiful baby. :-)

the hybrid baby is not called so because it has inherited the skin farber both parents share so light brown

Just wait times, mainly healthy, everything else is secondary

Can you determine the physician, but will probably not be made. BUT - is not that matter? Why are you worried about what color will have your child? Will you otherwise love less? Or there is a problem in your environment?

I wish you a good and nice weekend.

I think it will be more like light brown :) since the dark gene Although penetrated more, but the blonde gene can be strong (see Boris Becker)

Hey! So I believe it is so that both can prevail. What wish would you then?

Sweet, just imagine a hybrid baby with blue eyes - Zuckersüß!

Rather light brown

keyword Mendel.

everything is possible.

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