Appetite, nausea and vomiting? What to do?

Hi, First of all I still want to get rid of that, of course, I know I will if it does not stop, of course, see a doctor / should. But has anyone Vllt yes a few tips or a clue what it could be. I do not run so much because of little things to the doctor, thanks for your help :)

Also, since about 3 days I really have no more hunger. Although I have a funny feeling in my stomach and there is also a hunger pangs but it does not bother. Otherwise it is so that I'm always running to the fridge and have survived what I can eat. It suits me very well as I am with weight loss but it seems to me something funny. I ate for breakfast a bun and then was extremely poor with. I felt I have to throw up. And in the stomach is a strange feeling. Sometimes I gag, too, but nothing comes. Although I eat 2 small meals a day but not because I really need. Otherwise I always sometimes eaten if I was not hungry. I've already lost 3 kilos. It is not bad. I now weigh 58 kilos and through sport and the few eat it went really fast Acer it wonders me yet. If I drink water then makes me feel sick. And in the evening I often see everything blurry and I feel very funny. I'm not pregnant because I have my days. But I'm still a little worried what that might be. I think not coming it through my day, because I had never. This is already the third day, but I'm not hungry a strange feeling in my stomach. Has anyone ever had something?

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I dunno quite what to make of it. Eating Disorders / slimming mania I also know from earlier stages of life ... The dizziness is definitely coming from the circuit / deficiency / too little liquid. Why you but constantly is bad, I can not know unfortunately. Try pretzel sticks and Cola. Sounds weird, but if it only ne upset stomach is t help that. Are you feeling any better, then please go to the doctor immediately. 3 days dehydration are long.

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