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Had so far always a Samsung smart phone which has Google Play Store. Am now switched to the apple. I had it from the Play Store used to that before you've downloaded an app that first the various app permissions appeared as eg access to identity, calls, Wireless Internet, location, and more. So total espionage in my opinion as it may in the Play Store, I find no such permissions that the app will need unless you start the app asks you for example if you can access the camera or the photos, for example, there are at Apple no such access rights the telephone?

The best answer

The access rights the apps have to get individually from you. That is, if they want to access the camera for the first time, you need them only permit etc.

The whole can then also subsequently allow / revoked in the security settings.

Here's solved a bit more intelligent than the take it or leave method for Android)

Can you basically, no matter be the get all of you out what they want to have plenty of computer scientists who can make the matter with whom

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