apple or any country?

hey that topic for my referat Währe better Apple or any country ??? Thanks for the answers

Lg bubbelgummi

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The question is how you build it. And for what subject it is. Spontaneously I would have said the country, but only if you do gestaltest interesting and so on runterlaberst not only so lame data. Try going on and so on the children, that is for example in India interesting. Child labor and soo on. No idea. Take what you care more.

I would definitely take apple! that's something different than any x any country! in apple can you be your classmates safe because this is certainly a referat theme that many more interesting is also the attention!

In which subject you need to keep your presentation?

In my opinion, Apple is more interesting ^^

I'd take apple. A country is 0815, and always the same.

Some country definitely

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