Apple, Samsung or yet another brand?

Hello! I want to buy a new phone but I do not know which. Money first does not matter. Can you maybe give me a tip? may also like to be of a different brand. Thanks in advance

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With Samsung you lie pretty good! Apple Iphones are not bad but the technique is in the new Samsung smartphones simply current and not so expensive (one more gets for his money). Since money seems to play a role at you I would just recommend the Galaxy S6. This has currently the sharpest display what a smartphone ever had. A very impressive 16 megapixel camera. A 64-bit processor, pulse monitors, etc ... A very high-quality design, it also has. The S6 edge I would not recommend as the curved edges interfere with games or videos in full screen, just however. With the Galaxy S6 are you doing really nothing wrong :) Easy Pre coming soon in the market. Oh and in the S6 and S6 edge can unfortunately not SD card make purely so I would think well what storage size I select. Here is a link: http: // storeId = 48 ...?

Inform you prefer much, you bevur draw hasty conclusions.

HTC, Sony, OnePlus, etc are also very good manufacturers. yes you can talk look more information:

Look at times the SONY xperia Z3 ... was my choice and I am more than satisfied!

SO So you search the phone is not what the people will propose you here because of the Apple, Apple has to say from the DU MAGST (I) has the Samsung is Samsung simply say. !!

Look here:

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