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Hi folks, I have finished my education and have been working for 3 years in operation. Slowly not everything looks so rosy and goes the brook under because I wanted to apply where otherwise unfortunately I can not find a suitable application in the net. Do you have an idea ? Occupation is industrial mechanic

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It is always best if you write your application itself. It is best if you know how the name of the boss or boss is the operation. I never write on an application from the Internet but as soon as I think it is right, because that is much more personal over. Clear one must make sure that you write everything right and the sentences Specifically explain but looking on the Internet, making at most just a bad impression because the know eh all this is almost Copies, then lands your application at the bottom but if you write what what they are interested wakes you know you have extras, so I have always done in my application. :-)

Hello Badboy22,

Of course you can not find a suitable application in the network. Your situation is unique. So as anyone else.

And therefore also the same advice as always in such cases: write a draft and place it here to improve proposals an (anonymous of course)!

Suggestions you can find for example here.

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