Application formulation ?! (Creativity and people skills)

I'm just writing this one application, but this I have problems with a formulation as my head just so do not want to work ..

In this professional creativity and work are in demand with people (marketing businessman / woman) and I wanted about the wording of this sentence: "Creativity and working with clients are important to me aspects ..."

Only I do not know how to continue the sentence. Had about every idea grateful can also be changed, it is only important that it remains a record and best not something like "... gives me fun" etc.

The best answer

You should always try one of your skills with something yu connect what your employer is looking for. So if you do so begin the sentence, then it should the reconciliation come why this property fits well with the requirements of the job.

important aspects which I could apply perfectly in [Example].

important aspects, which I learned in [Example].

My suggestion:

"Creativity is a fundamental part of my daily life, as I paint landscapes, among other things, responsible for the design of a website drew Furthermore, the dealing with customers one of the pillars on which is based my career choice -. Because of contact with people I draw motivation which has a positive effect on my performance. "

... Are important aspects that have led me to the career choice for me. LG

Hello katilicious1213,

why do not you ask simply times the whole text here? Of the suggestions for improvement, which would then be possible, you would benefit much more than the correction or addition of a sentence taken out of context.

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