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Hi :)

So I'll have a job interview tomorrow and I do not really much - What a wallet should I use? I know there is this application folders (need for a cover page?) Because you can also use normal folders (not the fat the same in sparsely)

And what is all in the application folder? :

• Curriculum vitae • Letter • Copy of certificates .. • copy birth certificate • Copy of the registration slip • Certificate of Citizenship • Information about the first career choice (?) • Information about the second career choice (?)

So with the information I'm not so sicher..Und please let me know if I've forgotten something .Can someone enlighten me? Looking forward to answers Thanks!

The best answer

Which point you are applying for, anyway?

Tabular CV. The testimony of your highest school leaving certificate, possibly additional training, have they to do with the job.

If you appear in person, you can not talk with his opposite and when the want to know, in which kindergarten you have been, you can say so, or; religious or even anti-authoritarian experiments of the parents do not have to be mentioned.

Hello, do you have the call directly from the company? Are applying you set out on a concrete post? Dan do you need anything to the point first or second choice of profession say. In the session of the CV comes who has a cover page with photo and with your personal information. The birth certificate is not among them! If you are not a German / German, then you can take the proof of citizenship, important is your work permit. Has done but if you're German / German. Then, the letter must be pure, the most important testimonies. Look here on the page, because you can find info about resume and cover letter and what belongs in there or how to formulate it.

I wish you success!

Do not you have the job interview due to an application? Then everything would still be there? Birth certificate, registration form, proof of citizenship 1. +. 2 Career aspiration is eigtl. Not necessary. Take a job application, then cover, makes always good if it is done properly, application, CV, copies of certificates and possibly last Internships evidence (copies) and of course a passport photo.

In an ordinary job application only a cover letter, the resume, copies of certificates (certified), any Praktikumsbescheinigugen and depending on the employer (eg in the social field) is purely an advanced certificate.

uff, you seem to not even really busy with the theme to have. But at least you miss a Vorstellungsgespraech, after all!

At a Vorstellungsgespraech one takes with ALWAYS the originals, finally the AG wants to see if you have the! CV, signed and memorized so, cover letter you do not have, but just take with, birth certificate? Huh? never heard, but for which you apply anyway?

Information about the Berufswuensche I wuerd if possible omit no employer likes to see if he is only the second choice.

neither geb.urkunde still register note, yet "the information about the 1st and 2nd Preferred career" .. no copies of it ...

Tomorrow the call and now you're starting with the Wallet.

Believe me, this is nothing

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