approach when the person is standing in front of your car and threatens you

We were a few days ago at a festival no 20 minutes we were there my friend and his girlfriend was threatened by 3 guys, we then walked away to watch what they do and they ran after us. Then we went to the car and wanted to go away. one of this guys stood behind the car and when we wanted to go back, he ran in front of the car and threatened us further, we are then slowly moved back in front, and he let himself fall sideways. we went straight to the nearest police station to them to register. Until now came in still nothing. ask my now. Can my buddy lose his license? Can the person imagine the car and threaten you? What should one do best? Thank you :)

The best answer

After your description of your friend has nothing to fear further, your friend has "adequate" acted in this situation because your friend a present illegal attack warded off (self-defense).

Distinguish: criminality of your buddies and license loss

As criminality would for your buddy coercion, hit and run and assault into consideration. Fahrerflucht excluded because who threatens you, then you have obviously not there to tell your personal details. Coercion may well be classified under self-defense against the assault, hence does not lead to criminal liability. Injury should also resign, when he drove very slowly, so that he might be nothing happens at reasonable action (even in violation of the types: well termination or acquittal).

License loss: Even if your buddy would be punished (which is probably not the case, see above), it is not surely lose his rag, as he has shown in the offense no driving incapacity and no lack of responsibility on the road. For this was the situation for most.

The person NOT allowed to introduce the car.

To do something? Wait and see if anything comes of them, if so, immediately Fachanwalt / to a lawyer specializing in criminal law.

Call the police locally. A threat is not in order. We also held a coercion by you not wanted to go away. When you reach it, that would be an injury if he is injured. The license does not lose it just like that.

Of course, it is still in the room who did what and why. Just because you describe it so, it may not be really been.

since you already happened nix ...

Firstly, the types of display have to face the already pursues the police.

the witness statements of you enough, the act must be interpreted by you as reasonable self defense.

even if you one of the should types indicate that you have approached him, he will therefore have no success, because it has brought, first, even in the long, threatening with intent and with the aim to compel you and thus out since her the cutters.

Your friend could be displayed for assault. Unless it was self-defense (which it is likely). Then it happened because nothing

I know that when parking. If a person you on parking hinders to an other for example to reserve parking, you may in a poke. Since it is a possible threat, I think it is justified.

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