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Today I hit a cyclist. I stood by car to the normal Kreuzung- traffic light when it was green I wanted to go to the right to have the left and right looked no one there, I drove and I suddenly felt a loud popping I wanted to hit the brakes but my foot has then pressed only more encouraging gas only when I realized it out of sheer shock that I opened the gas was, I went with the foot on the brake'm immediately exited the cyclist was fortunately net more encouragingly ground he got up but his bike was under my car landed. The cyclist was not wearing a helmet and even his bike was really properly Who is really to blame? The cyclists also did not go on the road either in front of me behind me he came from the side (pedestrian) and then drove off to me .. What will it cost me if I'm in debt which argues against me for me?

The best answer

  1. Q. police?
  2. Helmet is not compulsory
  3. Even if his bike was not traffic Tüchtig / is, the driver has almost always to blame!
  4. exchanged insurance-related data?

The police who were called hopefully will examine this and act accordingly.

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