Are all breed dog breeds over?

I want to buy a Bobtail and wanted to ask whether a Bobtail breed dog is heavily over-bred. So have such problems, such as the Pug, which does not breathe properly, etc. Does anyone know whether the Bobtail also has such strong problems? LG Tierschutzer012

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no, they are far from "over-bred" all dogs. If you read up on the Internet by many times the number of pages on Bobtails, then your knowledge about this breed is very extend. And then you will also be able to read what, if any health problems occur in this breed - or maybe not.

The next step should then seek more VDH-breeder and seek advice in detailed discussions - and then only you can actually decide if this breed would fit in one's family and one's life at all.

A breeder will show you the more "negative" side of the race, because it is anxious that his puppies come into a fitting home.

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Hello :) So I grew up with 2 Bobtails and had a fiddle and both have reached an Old Age, (min. 10 years, but it knows not remember exactly). Compared to other breeds of Bobtail has a few genetic diseases. And the rod may be separated fortunately no longer :)

I also think that Bobtails have no breed typical problems. Most dogs are therefore over-bred or delivered too quickly from the breeder when "Mode" are. Often that is the case, if they so nice to come over in a movie, then everyone wants as a (101 Dalmatians was such a film).

Does anyone know whether the Bobtail also has such strong problems?

the Bobtails I know, have no health problems. But there is of course always depends on the breed.

You should also concern that a Bobtail extremely much grooming needs and really every day must be intensively combed and brushed! Unfortunately a lot of people have a very short time to cope with this care so that the dog unfortunately must be clipped regularly. Something then goes also to the money, because it makes a lot of work and effort to shear such a big dog and prepare ansehentlich.

No, they are very healthy dogs generally.

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