Are dogs eat Gouda?

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Yes, dogs can eat cheese. Cheese should just not be the main meal.

One of my acquaintance Rhodesian Ridgeback eating also like a farmer's breakfast. I was just eating when the doorbell rang at the door. When I came to the table again, my plate was empty eaten on the floor.



Gauda is usually not a problem. But remember that mammals are not designed for the consumption of dairy products and are therefore usually laktoseintollerant with age. This means that your dog cheese, milk, yogurt possibly not very good and can tolerate get diarrhea and bloating.

My has no problem and gets between times some cheese. She gets next to Barfen also NEN chip or what vo table. Your stomach is however been very resilient always been and it will be through their diet continues. In a prepared feed dog is nciht always the case, so I would be careful in such cases.

but die this he will by no means. Nutritionally bring him cheese but nothing, therefore you can omit it also.

I think so yes is a milk-product has so than dogs, puppy, the mother's milk drunk.

Only Feed your dog please with any normal chocolate (Milka, etc.) !!

We accept Gouda as "special leckerli" when he has done something so supergut :) harm it does when you feed it in moderation.

Certainly not the ideal diet in small amounts now and then it is likely but certainly not be harmful.

Dog snacks are sure healthier.

my dogs eat Gouda Jackpott treats.

Clear thou shalt therefore not clutter up the dog. Most dogs are lactose intolerant. But every now and then is not bad

I would stay with Edam

Have our dog also sometimes given small pieces of cheese. Was definitely be the possibility Gouda. Did you hurt anything;) (Chocolate is toxic but !!!!)

In small quantities, IMHO no problem

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