Are Musikerwitze funny?

And if so, can you tell me more? I have the word "musician joke" so far only in the context of SpongeBob is one example "Oboe Obein".

Is there something really and knows her yet what?

The best answer

Are only funny if you have a little idea. But that is true always.

A musician meets after many years a colleague who now "career" made. "Hei, age, you've made a record! They Of course I bought the same! Honor!" - "Ah, you were the ..."

Two jazz musicians in the beer garden: "Get Gbm beer?" - "Why do I D # m It's your turn!

And the shortest musicians joke: A jazz musician walks past a pub.

And many, many more ...

You want to now do not take as a model or Spongebob? There are right jokes. For example:

What is the difference between a piano and a violin?

The piano burns longer.

  1. A trombonist has no desire to perform on New Year's Day but would rather sleep there. He asks as his caretaker: "Please tell me, can they play tomorrow take my trumpet?" "How do I? I can not play trumpet but. "" But is easy, sitting there still 5 other trombonists when others take the instrument to his mouth, they do it well, and if the other the trumpet settle again, turn off the trombone from again. "
  2. The caretaker can be persuaded and toddles off. In the evening after the performance they meet again.
  3. "Well, how was it?" Asks the trombonist, "Everything worked out in the performance?" "Folded Who said" answered the janitor, "the other 5 were janitor! ..."

I have written a book with the best musicians jokes, which is now in an extended edition on the market. See more information at: For the English-speaking audience, there is the book under the title "The Best Musicians' Jokes". Have fun browsing !!!

Yes, musician jokes are funny :)

Where does the viola its name?

If you step on it makes "Braaatsch"; P

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