Are my lips thin?

Hello :) So I've got a question to my lips whether the are thin. A friend of mine approached me on it and somehow I have to think it all the time -.-

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No absolutely not! In my opinion, the normal lips. And even if they were thin, but that would not matter! It does not matter what your friend says, as long as you think good about yourself!

Why must now think it all the time? haha Is not matter even if they are thin / were?

The look eig quite normal, and Accept yourself and you are :)

These are thin lips. Your hand, are beautifully

You'd have time to see my lips that are thin! : D Ne so your are not normal I find lips too thin or too thick :) Maybe your girlfriend has indeed just such inflatable lips that she believes would your thin haha: D

Not at all thin .. I think it is beautiful, full lips

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