Are there aliens or are we Auserirdischen?

I do not know why we are so ausergewöhnlich and thinking than other creatures. But something must have created us so.

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Point one we can not aliens because we are earthly (earth inhabitants) Second, the probability that there is life beyond Earth is quite likely if you that the world is Given so great that we do not even we can detect in approach but have yet been found a few planets that are Earth-like and might therefore allow life or already have.

Evolution has created us. We are all a product of chance. If only a small thing has changed in the past, we would not be here now.

There is plenty of reports, ie theories that see our evolution influenced by "gods". Keyword here Kargo cult or simply, human Fehlinterpretierung visitors outside of our solar system. All of influence, if you will, rüht of pragmatic experimentation and our "religious statement" ago. Man is man because he is a bleating sheep.

Here is an example of such a theory:


There is life in space .. we the only ones in unimaginable big universe that expands, are, is almost impossible. There is certainly also somewhere a planet where a perfect for his sun hat & where life prevails and also people live.

1) Whether there are aliens no one can answer the earth because it is the space impossible to reach all points of the universe

2) When I see my colleagues so every day I guess that we are really aliens or the aliens amongst us are

Extraterrestrial we are sometimes not because, "ground" has indeed something to do with the earth on which we live and "extraterrestrial" means as much as not of this earth. What do you mean whether as the only ones, of course. When you think it over, it's scary i.wie we are alone in the dark. Far as I know there is no real Prove to aliens. But who knows. Vlt we are not alone

I think so, because the universe is huge, we can not but be the only two living beings. And for extraterrestrials we are the aliens.

It would be naive to think that our planet the only one among the tens of trillions of planets in the universe is, where life exists.

But since it is not yet proven, "not nö ​​there" most think anyway.

yes god .. ne seriously the big bang are tiny particles, the "norteilchen" was released, so that they have spread over the earth. However, these particles Send a minimal radiation "beta radiation" from. this allows us to think and act in the. But be radiations from these other particles "dezemententeilchen" as the initiated. which ensures a vibration and through this we are "unusual" or we can distinguish us from the animals.

Yes there are aliens .... , The universe is huge and there are other galaxies

Define please both terms, so that one can give an appropriate response.

Since we are earthlings, we can not be extraterrestrial. But of course there are "aliens" or "extraterretrische life forms".

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