Are there hero brine on the new Minecraft version?

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Jaa there it unfortunately I just prove but I have a video on Youtube made where I see some screenshots what that concerns unfortunately standt 1.7.10 I am but this proves to 1.8 to find but it is harder. And if there standt Hero Brine was here thy brother may rejoice the Hero Brine is cool, we say it so the game will not get bored; D I'd like swap if it's Pc and its the world still have me once seed per private message here on XD I'd be happy

I am überallllllllll

Because my brother played Minecraft and there stood hero brine was Here: /

Hero Brine has never happened before. That's just a joke of Notch.

No, it does not exist

Herobrien there never was and there never will be ^^

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