Are there left-wing groups in Germany?

Hello, I am interested in leftist groups and wanted to join one to me with like-minded auszutauschen.Kennt someone such and know how you can join there?

The best answer

Yes to Hauf. Starting with the SPD, the Greens and the Left and its affiliated organizations, above left small parties, citizens' initiatives, etc. up to the Antifa.

But beware: Behind superficially (old-) left phrases of social justice and world peace sometimes hides right propaganda - just for the websites of certain groupings.

I do not believe in bad questions. But I think you should still employ some of the ideologies that you probably mean. You seem namely insufficient knowledge of Marxism to have its history and the real socialism. Otherwise you would not ask this question.

Come to halt on the size of the city and in what area you live. This begins with the parties and political regulars and goes up to Antifa groups, reading circles, discussion forums, action coalitions etc.

You came to the party "Die Linke" join.

So in Baden-Württemberg and can someone give me what?

I know even that there is such only I know they just do not

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