Are there rabbits Zoff due Futterneid?

So I have three Kaninchen.Ein castrated males and two females castrated (one is the daughter of the other). When I lately them the bowl clean stelle they race in the cage up and down, shred and hunt sich.Ich've even a piece of fur with a little skin found it! Mostly chasing the bigger his daughter and sometimes the male hunts then even hinterher.Es goes properly and wild and I'm afraid that they are still doing the verletzten.Ist Futterneid? I feed too little? What can I do ??

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I'll keep this short times, it is spätXD

A castrated male and two castrated

That's a bad combination, which usually is not compatible!

In a group always the same amount or more males than females are supposed to be!

You must therefore change the constellation: Either place a female or a male nor dazuvergesellschaften!

it in the cage up and down,

Cages is cruel! Rabbits need in inner attitude per animal mind. 2qm place for outdoor entertainment min. 3qm place.
Your pen, so if you need them are holding indoors mind. 6qm be large and fals you are holding it out at least. Be 9qm great!

Leaving aside the caging Tierquälrei is because rabbits can not move in a cage, it makes the animals also usually aggressive towards conspecifics or humans! If you then also holds a schelcht constellation, as you do, then trouble is actually preprogrammed ...

Is this Futterneid?

No, it's the bad constellation and too little space!

But you feed because only this one Cup lining? If so, would it be MUCH TOO LITTLE, since rabbits eat 24 hours a day, about 80x a day, and then yes, the food envy because they would starve!
Rabbits need around the clock HEU have available and get a "shell" greens / vegetables / fruit daily!
Your digestion is also designed as and when they can not feed go through, they can die of Verdauungsproblemem; apart from the fact that they starve anyway ...

I've even a piece of a coat with
little skin found in it!

This is very bad and immediately has to stop!

You should separate them without sight - and smell and touch in 2 weeks (they have forgotten) new socialize!


  • the Konstallation
  • the enclosure size
  • and if you feed too little gives them enough to eat !! Hay must always be in large quantities!

Then listen to that! XD

Please belese you still on expert pages to rabbits! To their needs, Haltungsbedienunden, food, etc ...


All the best

Hey you,

you have an unfavorable group constellation. There should be in a group always enough bucks for the females, otherwise the happy irritated times. The mother is in the order of precedence on her daughter and that makes her every time anew clear. As long as no blood is flowing, which is not so bad, but beautiful it is permanently not.

That the Maenchen chasing may simply lie with the fact that he wants to try to make peace, but without seeing it, it is hard to say.

Fresh food should always be there for everyone, so that each rabbit can employ enough. You can do it even with two feeding stations and more fresh food to try, but I'm pretty sure that this will not negate the arguments completely.

That make my also, I think that's normal. This is the ranking. As long as no blood flows, and may the other rabbits also eat later is not bad.

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