Are there tricks to learn vocabulary quickly?

Hi I will perform many vk on a day to learn but I'm bad at learning tricks there as many vk to learn in an hour? Thanks in advance

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Vocabulary should regularly (every Day 10 - 15 minutes) are learned in small portions - quality rather than quantity - brings more than marathon sessions. At the latest after 1 hr makes the brain Kastl namely tight!

Vocabulary to learn quickly brings only short-term success. To vocabulary to learn efficiently, ie so that they can also call + apply, you should learn not only stubborn heart, but

word families so form: (Theme; contrary; Noun m matching V + Adj; etc..),

Sample sentences form

idioms write

learn phrasal verbs (verbs with differnet meanings, depending on which preposition followed:. Look (look), but look for / after / forward to (+ gerund) = Search / jdn.kümmern / s.freuen on)

vocabulary with their (grammatikal.) Write peculiarities + learn

as follows gerund o. to-infinitive, which preposition, irregular. plural, verb, adj, adv, etc.

• You can also m sticky notes. the jeweil English word to all goods, household appliances, etc.

o. other words in the whole flat stick + learn vocabulary as it were in passing.

It does not matter whether you are working with the good old vocabulary book, a card box o. An electric Vocabulary.

Most schools in Bay recommend phase6 than vocabulary trainer.

Free Vocabulary check at,,,,,

Whichever system you choose, the importance of regularity (see above).

• vocabulary should with all your senses (see, hear, smell, taste, feel / touch) learned

  • best even spoken, sung, rapped, rhythm, in verse + gymnastics are (typ. Hand movement).

Just think of the song 'Head + shoulders, knees + toes', the children - you vlt also - already in KiGa o in the GS learn.

• vocabulary can also play (d learn) City, Country, River at Engl., Who knows the most English. Animals, etc.?, Teekesselchen, Taboo, Memory, Bingo, Scrabble and more.


eng. watching television

eng. Radio listening (BBC on the Internet, download with podcast)

eng. listen to podcasts

  • Engl easily - The new listening course, Hueber
  • BBC Podcast 6 minutes Engl
  • Podcast Archive: Business Spotlight Podcast -
  • Randall's ESL Cyber ​​Listening Lab

• vocabulary as MP3 receives + repeatedly sounds, while medium-o. In a speech gap speaks

eng. Books read:

LernKrimi: f wide.. Learning years, m. grammar exercises (Level Easy Starts - Adv) eng. Books. Wide f. levels

Reading The online leveled reading program, m. Books. Wide f. levels

Mystery / Thriller: H.MacInnes, C.Forbes, K.Follet, S.Sheldon, J.Fielding, E.George, R.Ludlum

Romance eg R.Pilcher

These are usually also available on Dt, so you can quickly check there also times when you do not know how to carry.

Tip z. Read eng. Books:

Not looking up + out Write unfamiliar word every new o.. That makes too much + is used to move more in the dictionary, as that one reads. So, one can lose the fun of reading. Look Only words, write down + learn that you deem necessary for really + if not otherwise open up to you the meaning of a passage. Many words explain indeed already by the context.

eng. Newspapers, Magazines + Comics reads, eg

Spot on The Magazine for teens, Hueber Vlg

• (Business) Spotlight (with word description)

World Press + v. Schuenemann Vlg (original article from engl.sprachigen dailies m. Vocabulary)

DVDs sometimes on Engl looks (especially when on Dt eh knows by heart the favorite movie already in +.)

• Engl voice searches o Conversation course (eg VHS), theater group, reading circles o. Stammtisch.

  • Also private, with friends, family, etc Engl speaks + recreates everyday situations: daily routine, cooking, shopping, doctor, cinema, theater, hospital, bakery, museum, train station, airport, hotel, restaurant, etc.
  • While walking, walking to school, etc. considered when shopping, how things can be seen on hot Engl. Words that you did not know, at home nachschaut in dictionary

• to set up Skype + eng studied native as an interlocutor

• studied English letter / email / chat / tandem partner

• English diary writing

. As a language but not just a series v vocabulary is, but it also should not be possible usefully related to records, it is equally important to regularly 10 - to practice 15 minutes Grammar: +

:-) AstridDerPu

PS: Not all items can be in any language (zBLatein) and beginning to implement, with the time, but more and more.


important is the regular learning the vocabulary. You have the best repeat the words daily and fix that.

There are many options: index cards, mind maps or read simply loud etc.

You could also make a memory game or otherwise.

Learning Tips for English:


Studying the daily vocabulary you making for a comprehensive, application-ready vocabulary. That yes you need for English lessons. Therefore, you should at least ten daily vocabulary in different ways to impress try. Depending on the type of learning it helps, once write these words, then write down from memory again to them then recite. Repeat with a break in between and otherwise work several times a day. Another method is the OGM on a voice recorder and the constant listening, repeating and repetition => so I'm learning often

  • Opportunities for learning vocabulary:
  • thinks you phrases, stories and another to the vocabulary of
  • forms mnemonics
  • writes from the vocabulary
  • read the words aloud
  • Read books
  • Index card system
  • create mind maps
  • can query from friends
  • use vocabulary trainer as Phase6

2.Irregular Verbs

The irregular verbs you should learn often. You could create you to a list or a poster on which you write down the three forms. Daily ten of which can be recorded and repeated continuously. If you like this list then also in your room so Seat new that you have it constantly in sight, you repeat it several times a day and thus wilt prepare the already learned

3.Bücher / texts

I often read books in English. This is a good way for a better understanding of language. For this, you should your aptitudes and interests with regard to the topics to pursue. What do you read does not matter, so take a book that you really interested. Before you but a dictionary consult pull, try to tap out the contents through. => Some results related. You can read in English, a thee-known German book. Even movies can look in English to be helpful.


Some also learn more about hearing. In the case, one could learn with song lyrics to improve one's understanding of language.

learn 5.In groups

Even with classmates, it can sometimes get good (risk Smalltalk instead of learning). For this, there are ways to practice spelling and grammar, by looking at any a short English text. In this text a few words away (verbs, prepositions, etc.) and the partner depending on exercise of gravity must use them correctly. You can also pick another query words or phrases can dictate


The best way to the English to improve, probably somewhere to stay in English speaking countries. However, it is out of time and financial reasons often not possible.

Lg Jasmin

Think about times as you learn best .... you need a lot of color or asking enough "black" ?, you learn by listening, by writing, watching? Try to find out the following question an answer: "How do I keep the information of a subject in which I am well ?. Depending on what then comes out with you: flashcards with pictures (color) uttering of words on a recording device ... In linguistic things can also be an exchange with a native speaker be useful ... to "in passing" to talk and to learn ...

Everyone learns differently. Some need a lot of time to learn vocabulary, others rather less.

Here are just a few tips:
- Do not be distracted by it is much faster.
- Say the words out loud, then terms characterize a better.
- You can of course vocabulary learning aids besides the vocabulary write that helps.
- Learning as you learn best: Whether you go back and forth, whether when sitting, it is different for each person.

I hope you have helped the tips. Best regards :-)

Unfortunately, there is no super magic trick, but it is important to always make between small breaks (because there is no TV or mobile phone, be copmuter, etc., may be this will supposedly somehow the learning effect disturb). And it's always good to find out how to learn best. This is different for each. Some may well learn something when they listen to it. Since you can then maybe take the vocabulary and meaning on your mobile and then listen. Others can learn well using flashcards. There is also so special boxes to learn with flash cards, but I do not like hot, google the times. I wish you success.

So I do not know if this is the correct answer but if we write a vocabulary test as Spanish (often 2-3 pages vocabulary) I catch the afternoon on the day before and read the words aloud to them memorize. Then I blocked the Spanish in my case page read the German word and translated it to Spanish (guess or know) and that will be repeated a few times. (Also often happened while I look Tv etc.)
works for me this method. The average of the tests in Spanish in the first half of the school year was 1:07

It depends on what type of learner you are. Some learn faster if the words are written down, others need to hear.

I learn best with flash cards.

write as often as possible and say before thee

Keep it up :) it

Make a flashcard and write on your site the Voc on E and on the other side to D it. Those that you can, you put in a different file. Words that you can not, you can in one column and learn it on.

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