Are you allowed at a Reitbeteiligung on a trained horse, own valances etc. use?

Hello, I would be interested, if you, if you can a Reitbeteiligung on a trained horse has its own flock jaws, bandages, gaiters and Fly Veils use? So you bought yourself. But even so little things like valances etc., not saddle and bridle or something! Because I always see a having a RB on a trained horse with us and all school horses have the same saddle pad (white embroidered with the logo of the stables), but the horse had a very different (a brown of squadron oderso) and the riding instructor saw the also has but said nothing now. (: So you Schonmal Thanks in advance Love may like it or not Regards?

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Hi! So my girlfriend always had with their own valances and ears networks and that was never a problem. It is only stressful if you have to change everything again. I would still ask simply times. LG

Hey, That's different from stable to stable, I would just ask :) Lg

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