argue like only those who can?

Would you generally agree with the statement that people who are simply falls to find arguments for or against something, rather argue than people who find it difficult? Do you have in your environment any Gegenbeispiele`?

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you can not generalize that. First of the subject is important. Someone who is not interested in politics, will have problems to argue on this issue, even if his "reasoning ability" is well developed and it can on other topics have quite a lot of arguments. Secondly, the topic must be interesting to those. Sometimes it is amazing that jmd, the otherwise very holding back, suddenly awakened and well argued, if a particular topic meets his nerve. Of course, for good argumentation includes a serving general knowledge and intelligence to it and also a lot of self confidence, at least if it be argued less well to a discussion handelt.Scheue people because they rarely express their views

Kommste from the disco and rempelst an Eastern or Southeastern Europeans to kannste argue all you want, your Opposite you one anyway skin on M0wl.

well, that is reasoning used to by those who a "make" position take / want to manage ..., others operate their presentation / staging looking ... so there are some reasons ... but it could be that this endeavor not always fun makes, if you take does not have good arguments here and there ... probably you lie not wrong with your assumption ... ;-)

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