Arguments for a second dog?

We already have a dog but I (13) would like to have a dog on what you have to pay attention because ..? What arguments could I tell my mother to convince them that is a second dog something good ...

my dog ​​gets along well with others and is well educated ... In our house still live my grandmother, mother and brother (15) !!


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What's your argument that you still want a second dog? Something you have to you so here are considering.

In my view, the consequences and impact clearly outweigh the benefits.

Also, not every "first dog" it suddenly to have inspired a second dog in the house. If anything then takes the second dog will be based on the needs of the first (age, type) and this is almost never the case, instead, the holder get another dog according to their wishes, often because the first any which claims not met and the must see dan halt as it comes clear.

This is in logic as if a man ne second younger lover isn brings home to his wife and she says to rejoice yet, now she has someone to talk to while he is at work.

Conclusion: Take care of the dog which you have and be happy with it.

I would try to convince them that the dog very well understood with other dogs and the dog to you already have then a 'friend' has the argument. Also you can then bit longer dogs once home leave because if they are bored, they can deal with themselves. The effort is not much bigger with the 2.hund Because go walkies have had to her previously, lining Buy well etc.

tell her that your dog is not alone, that he, someone to play with other dogs has a ....... However, I also understand the arguments against your mother: for a second dog naturally accruing costs (vet, feed, insurance, tax - in some municipalities to pay for a second dog even more .....)

Even if your present dog sees itself well with others, it is often so that it defends its territory, your house, (fight or even a bit) before the new growling at the beginning. Therefore, you have to look first if your dog ever make others in his territory. (The dog of my friend was happy when I was with my dog ​​with her; my dog ​​has growled and barked when my friend was with her dog with us) This is very important !! If that works, there are the costs, double time ... I do not think that your single mother still want to maintain more load fare in coming. Advantage: double cuddly factor Disadvantages: Top cuddle factor: is a jealous? Generally there is so much to consider !!

Zeei dog costs more money, more time and make more dirt. Often a dog will learn from the other any nonsense.

I have two dogs and go as often as possible walk separately, as both have verschiende preferences. This means under circumstances that I day 8-10 times a day running around instead of 4-5 outdoors.

At the beginning you have to necessarily go alone so you can work with the new dog.

A second dog also means double cost. I do not think that you can convince your mother will.

because dogs are cute :)

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