Arma 3 laggt suddenly in multiplayer!

Hay, recently laggt Arma 3 with me in multiplayer! I do not know wodran it is! Before I could always with 30-40 FPS games, and after I got a bit shifted my PC, it started to laggen. First off, I even updated the video card driver. The game was then applicable liquid but it is always to maximum 5 minutes crashed with an error message. Then I once installed the game. While it fell not from but the low FPS number remains! My CPU is if I so busy games to 50-70%.

I do not know why it lags at once, before I never had problems with the FPS! do you have an idea why this is?

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Arma3 has great since 1:38 FPS dips. So that's not you. Did the indeed already posted elsewhere - but .... Arma3 allgmein still for you:

Unfortunately this is due to Arma. The engine uses the hardware is simply not enough. provide visibility down is an important step.

And now comes the next problem: Unlike normal shooters, multiplayer FPS who STARK clients are dependent on the server performance. Man working hard on the "high performance binary files" - but really great this engine will never. There are also thousands of postings in Arma Forum.

Much RAM? Is so great - but arma is not only a 32bit application and can not do anything;)

Generally one can say: High clock speeds are important. CPU, GPU AND RAM. We search for servers running well - and there you go;) The choice of the server has now become _noch_ important because it now "headless clients" are. To simplify the formulation: The whole mission and AI calculations can be put to other servers - around the actual server to relieve. This brings a LOT. Unfortunately, it must also consider the missions to be adjusted - and put the already requires a howto.

Good luck!

Can perhaps a virus are .. examine just search for viruses

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