Armed with a friend! Fear that he wants to make statements: /

I myself last night fought my friend and since he did not contact, I'm afraid that this time vlt really a serious contending is, but he was totally pointless. I have the last few days just is not as respected felt by him because he has very very little reported and has always responded to my messages just barely. Did it last night when I asked him if he wants to skype and he said no, written accusation that he is anyway too much busy to ever write with his girlfriend. I know that has moment bitchy belongs where, but as that was not meant I wanted to halt i.wie appeal and was in the moment again a bit sad because he had no time for me (and thus one does not wrong understands he has really very much free time) he has but then really taken very angry this accusation and was suddenly pissed, I wanted to then call him to clarify how I really meant and that it was not really meant so bad but he wanted not hear the explanation and has pressed me all the time away, I saw him then a bit too long drum asked that we not even could 5 minutes phone calls because you can understand through sms just much wrong as when you talk to another person, he said all the time, only he now not wanna to place telephone calls with me, etc when he suddenly got really angry then did I then left it, got on his last sms not answered because the hurt me really because he was really angry because ,

I normally register always much too fast for a quarrel, but this time I have my opinion, done nothing wrong I've written to him that the had expressed to bitchy and that I'm sorry that I have heard so angry with him but declare wants what I meant, I got only answer as "own fault" and I had better be careful what I was so write,

have not heard since the last message from him, and this time I'm really scared that he might want to make statements when we see the next time, got him so yesterday never experienced, he did not even want to clarify i.wie yes and this "no bock" all the time has indeed shown that he does not plan to clarify that.

he is 23 and I 18 and we have been together for almost a year, we have never really fought, and it concerns me totally that he is not in touch with me: /

should I contact or wait until he answers? will want him now nciht he has nerves indeed yesterday made me abundantly clear that he is not calling to talk or

What do you think ?

The best answer

In my opinion, your boyfriend has quite immature responding. I think as an adult you can still talk in peace about it and not like a small child block out all the time. I can really understand you very well. In my answers too short and after a long time. Let him first. He will not have to go.

I must first say that I think that you have totally normal responding. The next would be the you call him definitely or whatever. He wants I think that you apologize even if you have done it 1000 times, but he was at that moment simply too angry and could not accept what I think many can understand. If he still does not want to then let nen day break and then try it again. Good luck to continue, is already :)

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