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I have problems with my drywall in my house renovation. I have made the mistake of the company to pay in advance according to their estimate. The company has been also done most of the work. The only problem is that was actually executed each step deficient. Examples include straight walls, the vapor barrier has been partially patched together from remnants and not glued. no amplification of the Turks, insulating wool slim-cut. (Spacing of the roof lines 60cm, width of the web of insulating wool 56cm). This is just a sample. After me these deficiencies are noticed, I immediately demanded a construction freeze. Since the drywall was now something bitchy, he wrote me a bill with the same positions as the standing in the budget and which I have already paid. simultaneously he explains the previously provided invoices and estimates to be invalid. The reason is that this bill is higher by 4000 € when the bill you I have already paid. These additional € 4,000 he justifies with tank receipts and bit sets and with other tools.

I know that a payment in advance has not been a particularly smart move but the workman is a good friend of my father and for this reason we had confidence in him.

My question is whether that is what he is doing lawful and if not, what can I do.

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Regardless whether you have already paid or not, you have to guarantee the services provided. To get correct the defects, you should let them log of a surveyor, then the artisans hand over the protocol document acceptance with signature and recover any defects elimination writing deadline. not Does he, you can entrust someone else with it and sue the craftsmen. He then has the bill of other craftsman numbers. One calls the substitute performance.

You can try to clarify it about your father. Otherwise you need a contract to order or witnesses if it was oral. You've stopped the whole is good at first. I would take pictures, maybe you have also already made some. Would go to the lawyer who is not up € 4,000 costs. Find it already natural ..

I have learned in my long professional time: Do not work for relationship or acquaintance.

Write the drywall a registered letter with the listed deficiencies and a reasonable time to remedy the defect. Announce to be ordered after expiry of the deadline an appraiser Chamber of Crafts (it is reported there at all - drywall installers are often illegal workers).

I know, of course, your contract does not, so I can not comment on the additional costs. Is it a flat-rate contract or a unit price contract?

Unpleasant because acquaintance of Father, it is all.

How old is the man how long active in the industry and a good friend of your father?

The text reads as if he simply can not and generally produces such botch. Of these, one could remember what but times when one knows him well for a long time.

You could you hire an attorney, and so sue back for correction or money.

make directly to a lawyer and a fire under

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