As a dog at fuß bring?

standing on top

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Depends on what you mean by Heel. Dog sport in the correct attitude in heeling, Nebenhertraben household, leash?

depending on how you build it is also the result of very unterscheidlich as regards Zuverlässigfkeit and duration, eg for distractions by humans, dogs ... until it is reasonably reliable, it takes some time definitely.

If you are without any experience, I would definitely advise to expert support in a dog sports club or a dog school. Otherwise, as soon draus a leash pulling. The simplest basic rule of thumb, it is advisable to confirm each and reward when the dog is in the correct position and necessarily by a private signal (eg running) to stop the exercise, so that the dog is not accustomed to go by itself when enough Has.

Well my feet have learned so left running on the side and look at me with treats and toys. First, treat the nose and it moves ever further to the shoulder or chest, so that the dog looks at you. but walk we never use in Altag but only if we make subordination. I find it quite uncomfortable should I constantly stare upwards.

Locker running next to me is what we call "me." Then the dogs running beside me or behind me.

It is important though he eventually will run right foot that you have a different term for the loose run beside you. If you both belegst with foot and asking two different things, not how it works.

If you are a dog owner, then buy yourself a good book or go to dog school. In the long term this is worth it.

learns best Your dog that with you in the dog school!

Would you like to go by foot to teach how to make it in competitions looks (stick to the leg, adore) or simply that it stays with you?

You you should set a book on dog training. The there for all possible races. Good tips there's also always on Sundays SIXX in the series "The Dog Whisperer".

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