As "educate" I have a dog right? PART 2

Hello Leut, the other day I asked myself how it is going with the Gassi (how long, how far, how many times). Your answers helped me, since I consider it is much better. For who do not know me: I currently have a dog to visit. (She comes once a year for a few weeks-we also visit the family with this dog once a month for a few days). They (the dog) hears basically very good and we get along very well together towards. Email Problemchen has crept in: If we go "our" round, then it goes (the dog) Total 20min. on a leash and 40min. free. Is that in order? I do this 2-3 times daily. I then try with a ball really Černý is the chance (which I also succeed). On the way (10min.) Pulls like crazy ... there's a piece of advice from you? Because I'm pregnant and strained me but very much on. All "Heel" command or properly speaking, brings only briefly what. need on the way back / I need it not even moor. They dragged hächeld after me. I praise always and he can also get a treat (but only on the way back, where it makes the right) given was perhaps mentioned that she "makes" only if it is of a lead from which it is has neat "pressure) on the way and will of course quickly dog ​​lawn. How do I get it mild to not have to make the way out so a theater (I can understand a little bit but it is now times a dog and has yet to hear !) Thanks for good advice Anja

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The simplest remedy is to simply turn around at each train the dog and run in the other direction.

If she then pulls in the direction you change direction again.

Total simple and very effective. Can, however, take a few days until the dog understands. For my it has, however, worked very well, even though some of my nerves have initially suffered greatly because me the back and forth was annoying really, but worth it. =)

Can your dog are not solved before? So I think it's common when the dog needs to run properly on a leash, even though he wants to solve. With me begin training and my dog ​​has dissolved. Him doing even to call into walking (running distance to be learned), or 10-20 x change direction until the dog has internalized it. In my coming there really in stress, if he wants to resolve and it may not. There's no way the dog previously on a lawn to seek empty? When 20 minutes on a leash to run? Otherwise, I agree with the response of Certainty!

Hello. I have 2 German Shepherds and we've brought follows. If a start and pulls we turn immediately to go home again. Pause there of about 10-15 minutes. Then new attempt. If it works again not immediately abort. even a little tiring but they have understood it and they run like next to me.

If they so much pulling, then the "print" the si has very large walk ... More often, I would suggest that the pressure can not be only so big!

Incidentally, you can a three-week guest dog does not "educate"! Education is a long-term project, it extends over the entire life of the dog years away! Learned must be turned on and queried, otherwise it atrophies again.

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