As "educates" is a dog right?

Hi Guys,

I currently have a dog for three weeks "guest". It is my mother's dog and a very sweet, mostly well behaved animal. (I would like to please not hear about beatings or totally kicks.) It's like this: we have no problems basically. In the morning we go a great round with the ball on the dog park until it is completely exhausted. She loves it and it may be "empty" whim. we go throughout the day as needed, the weather and feeling a few small round to "pee". Sometimes it grabs them and sits down at the front door and whines and yelps. Sometimes we come from a round and makes it immediately! I do not think that they must then again ... how can I avoid. She goes so out like and will prefer the whole day. I want to teach her now that's tuned times YOU and time I! Do you know a trick ??? Thanks for helpful answers!

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For how long is your mother a day out with the dog?

Usually one should 3x (more naturally goes well, needs a healthy adult dog but not) a day to go out, for at least 1.5 hours and then indoors (or outdoors) again bring head 30 minutes training daily. That should be the minimum. Many dogs also enjoy making the double or triple. This is very individual.

Concerning the go out, I would remain firm. If they whine, I would not go into once, usually it stops by itself and it can then, you are consistent and you caterwaul brings not with you. Because you decide when you go out. Not her.

If that does not work, you can also send them to their place, or something to play with her, stroking etc. And if you want to go with her, then you simply go quietly get dressed, take the lead in the hand and calling them only. So we do that, at least, otherwise Suki rotates always totally when we do go out, but still have to wait for me.

Hello NGonAir,

You're doing it but very accurate with the dog. Do it quietly like that.

One trick is for example: if you get up slowly and you attract you, the canvas take and then say that you go out (sanitary) want to go.

That always works.

MfG Angelika

Go per day 3x gassi when a big dog is always one hour if it is small then 20 minutes then he is fit give him a bowl of food always Evening let him out if you are at home (if you have a garden) Carry him in house or apartment a warm sunny place beware girl in front of other dogs and girls are not as good girl young are about 98% young boy understood

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