As I am an intolerable training?

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What do you mean by an intolerable training. Education is just something else and with constructive criticism should learn to deal with it.

So what's going on? :( Maybe talk to someone about it, of course, comes down to what is very bad at the situation> <

Maybe you can even talk with your boss and tell him your problems. Should you not you will agree, it also depends on how long you have before you. Perhaps you can HWK / IHK indeed help to find a new training company.

I would bite through me and only when it no longer needs to start a new training. Everything you do not destroy me, makes you hard.

That you have to know yourself.

If you are of the opinion that you want to just chuck the training site with your 31 years / have, then you need to make the stop.

You have probably noticed that it is not easy to find in your situation a training place.

By the way: If my apprentice would constantly tell me that he could report this and that yes the CCI / would, then it would not be long my apprentice, I would then such statements read about me on the internet that I had a disturbed ego , would only talk nonsense etc, my apprentice would direct a dismissal in the mailbox.

Lehrjahre times are now no Herrenjahre ...

Change your employer! Or speaking with your instructor, maybe it will be better.

In one embodiment, it is - unfortunately - always the Bimbo. There's only clench patience and teeth.

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