As I get used from my dog, extremely to jump me when greeting?

When I connect my Pitbul 2-3 hours. I left alone at home and then come back, he jumps me several minutes to joy. Often I get scratches or my glasses falls down. Of course I am happy that my dog ​​missed me, but how can I break him of that or stop it? Place it in the wall, from, space does not work.

It is a 2-year-old female neighbor. The dog knows me since he was puppy for a few weeks, he lives here as bypass.

The best answer

You can every time he jumps immediately to go back out the door. You do this as long as until the Hubd figured if I jump off isser. Can take a while depending on the dog.

I ignore my dog ​​when I come back. No hello, no na wo isser to? Only when I have done my things (jacket, shoes etc) and my dogs are quiet they get attention.

Without going great drama and come back. Does it not goodbye and said hello. It will simply come and gone, so can your dog that it is not a big event but something quite normal. You can possibly the dog a little "build" times 5 minutes outside if it makes it a good 10 minutes and so on (I hope the dog will not be left alone for 2-3 hours every day!)

We also have the problem sometimes. Just ignore and take first things first and then greet him

Wen you come you must ignore the dog until it starts, and from whom you dan ignore him continue even schupsen away whom he does not start up dan undress to thus jacket shoes and whom he still does not start dan you can pet him

having my dog ​​pulled through almost a year long, all I let come to me and what I was advised by the trainer, did not work on my.

I looked really flayed. then I hardly I opened the door, thrown away a toy, so my dog ​​could afterwards the rush and when he brought it to me, I could let him sit. he has ever reacted somewhat.

now I have taught him whenever visit comes on his place to wait until we have people greeting us and then he may come to the greeting. since he can that he goes by itself into place when I come in. He is now two years old. you see, others have not nailed it so quickly.

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