As I get used from my dog, he barks at people who go past the window?

Hello my dears,

I draw next Saturday with my mixed breed dog in a ground floor apartment. It is one of the dogs that bark sometimes, what I find generally bad.

Now it turns out, however, that she barks at everyone who walks in the new apartment over. I would like to address right from the start it, but do not know how. Can someone help me? I want me not to forfeit the same with all the neighbors ...

What I have done so far:

  • Said 'no' (Then do it well, what it is, but is barking again next time "
  • Privacy film attached (helps, but you can see some more shade and when you hear someone's going to get rid of)

About suggestions and help I would be very, very grateful!

Greetings and Happy Easter

The best answer

The problem is only a problem if Bell you perceive it as a problem and the action of the dog (barking) react. Then you have already lost!

The Report of the unknown is one of the basic instincts of the dog, it belongs to his territorial behavior.


- Your dog must receive an appropriate period of acclimatization. Dogs can take the time to learn such "peculiarities" to accept in their new territory.

- Thou shalt your dog to this emergence of strangers shadows and figures at the window, right from the start "nice feed"

- Non-Bell actions of the dog "react" Would mean for your dog that you want to join in this blind action with. So no "no" or otherwise command without teach the dog a Alternativvverhalten.

- Bewappne you with Kalbsleberwurst and a flat, square tray, wherein the sausage is streaked to lock out.

- Arrange to meet you with an acquaintance, which will play the shadows at the window.

- Accurate Scheduling is important!

- Just before the "stranger appointment" will appear at the window, you tempt your dog to you, can serve him and lick at the liverwurst. Will he now barking and interrupting, comes a "no", and - as soon as he stops barking "Look Feiiin" Let him sit and immediately he must lick sitting with you at the liverwurst.

- Target: As long as this situation to practice until your dog when surfacing stranger at the window, the water in his mouth runs along ... He then comes to you, looks at you ....

- Loooooben and liverwurst degrade (go when it comes to the refrigerator and get the sausage) goal is eventually made a Bottle offer him a tasty when displaying strange by coming to you.

- Important: You Go Never in the shadow walking a past the window (!). They do not exist for you. = What the social partners can not see and do not react to it is for dogs then also non-existent, for example, birds, insects ...

The treats reward slowly degrade completely and praise when dog alerts come through - replace The goal is that your dog occasionally comes to a delicious pick but otherwise remains on praise easily.

So once you have already the right attitude I think "what I find generally not bad" ;-)

Remember this is a new apartment, ergo these are new sounds to these needs your dog to get used to, perhaps it would be possible with your neighbors to have a conversation, that this will create in the near future, as well as your dog only to the must accustom new environment and the noise and ask for a little bit understanding, but to point out that it is just not a permanent condition.

Either that lies down on its own in the near future, or because you live in a ground floor apartment and I think this is an obvious yes constantly smells new people, hears and sees proposes them each time, which then of course is not so hot.

The alleged tip with the splash I would definitely not follow, because the poses MMN too many side effects.

I would all the other display behavior deflect as sitting in one and the structure of this I would train the clicker on a marker such as or even a marker word because the clicker not constantly at hand has so here is a marker word is probably much better.

Structure of the whole looks like this:

Building the marker word:

1. Select the marker word as a tip, top, Click, jep or the like, the best short and concise.

2. The call marker word and immediately give a treat.

3. Doing the whole different in respective positions such as sitting only in, lie in, stand in, in going, etc.

4. The in short units (3-4 x per day) train each 10-15 repetitions.

Structure of the display behavior at sighting of people at the window or noises from outside:

Preparation: should sit the dog already can, he can not do should he of course be previously taught here, it would offer if you have for sitting a hand signal trains, because then you can markers and must not interrupt the flow. The privacy film I would have still attached to the top, because it contained the training easier and cues.

1. Upon detection of people at the window or any cause noise at the window comes (and it is considered to be fast) directly to the marker before the dog is still a sound.

2. I'd ever the first time that make you live in your new home so that the dog learns that means nothing out there to hear, see, or smell is danger for indoors.

3. When the dog has understood the process, probably comes after the marker, the reorientation to you, this will of course continue to be acknowledged with a treat, you simply put the hand signal for sit. The best way to the situations in identified trains. For example, you can help a friend or an acquaintance of you just said I'm going past your window! ;-)

Because then you also know directly that someone comes equal and can just before the dog barks direct positive influence.

4. Your friend / girlfriend tell you over the phone: "I am now!" and you make the hand signal for sit and markerst immediately when the shutter button is visible. Also the training needs until it is because learning needs in dogs so its time we undertake no studies within 2 hrs. ;-)

As I said the show of people or "unusual" things is the nature of any dog, he shares his family there is something and it is now up to you to tell him that you have noticed that but otherwise no further danger exists. ;-)

to punish a natural behavior with a water spray or similar heinous things I consider to be coated and also even for potentially dangerous, because with respect to the association learning, it may also be that the dog but which connects with you or the people, a noise z. B. children playing (which could have disastrous consequences) but also a certain smell and any other negative association can have fatal effects on the behavior of your dog, not only inside the home but also outside !!!

The setting is ever correctly :) I would very much walking in the new region with her that she discovered everything, and the smells acquainted :) show her that it's normal place in the that there are people :) course always say no :)

Punish him for example with water from a spray bottle. I do that with my dog ​​and they responded very well. Lenke it off and when she turns to you and is attentive to you reward them .. this you should move away from the window and then reward them attention

Him and deflecting Chilling remain as when one goes past you take the dog and give it to Leckerlie [Before your window] but remember always remain quiet.

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