As I get used from my dog ​​to bark at every sound?

My dog ​​is seven years old and anxious in character and nervous. This is also reflected in it again, I think that she snarls due to any noise and barking, which penetrates from the outside to her ear. Night z. B. enough slamming of a car door in estimated 100 meters, Interestingly, it shows there is not the behavior. So slowly I'm with my nerves and patience at the end, after I have tasted from Ignore to freaking everything. anyone know the problem and has any advice for me? Thanks in advance!

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Because many factors may play a role. History, race (guard dog?), Living conditions ...

What form does the uncertainty, she feels responsible for guarding and control of stressful situations or can she proposed to you? Is she often alone, you can not always act or even often? Did she previously linked bad experiences with certain sounds? If the dog is generally in the apartment to rest, as structured is your day, you can generally exert influence on him when he gets stress or how fast it is to come down?

A general recommendation is difficult. Most need with such a problem-first principle, a management structure and security are built in the dog that he is not responsible for reporting and fending flat and can be relied on in all blind to the handler. Since it is not helpful if you tried to ignore between freaking everything. The unsettled by the unexpected reaction the dog only right and put it under even more stress.

Generally, it would be helpful if a competent trainer to look at the spot, can observe your behavior and the dog and then jointly draw up their long-term training plan. Ducrh a ban does not go off well but only by their general what changed.

I would restructure definitely the day, establish rest periods where the dog must remain quietly in his place, ev. Retreats create (open box, Cave), quiet and friendly etwablieren my lead in as many situations and then signal only when the dog barks I have a) also noticed that something is but that b) is not the task of the dog is to report.

Often it is much better if the dog has the feeling that the dog handler, the situation also perceives and handles competently and he announces it will no longer be so pushy. Often put them "Is ok" that again is calm and it sneaks out gradually.

If you have since found an outlet for you, you can then selectively practice throughout the day such situations, eg by outside a helper makes noise and you have the opportunity to praise peace if he does not answer times. That makes sense, but only if you have the Hnd sometimes remains quiet a fighting chance if you pressure and stress will build it here rather worse, have to be used at the basic problem first.

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