As I get used to my dog ​​barking from when I'm not at home

How can I quickly my dog ​​give up barking when I have to work and he is alone. Prefer avoid trouble with neighbors.

The best answer

I suppose your dog just can not stay alone and has loss fears.

remain Practice with him alone in small steps (if you're not sure how, then you'll get advice for a good dog trainer)

I advise you but neck bands of this Antibell- and what it otherwise so from there, the possible White fight the bark, but not the cause!

Thus it may be that your dog only gets scared to stay even more alone. Because as soon as he is alone, he barks because he is not white-helping another then he is punished for his fear and is even more uncertain.

Are you at home all is well again.

We have an ultrasonic Bark Control Device (registered the barking and then a Short is distracted from the ultrasound of the dog) has reduced the barking of 6 hours to 20 seconds within a day.

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