As I leave the Ninjhax-Loop (New 3DS)?

Have a New 3DS with it and I accidentally the Ninjhax for version 9.2 installed. The exploit appears to work, but depends Ninjhax at 70% [probably because my firmware is higher than the selected mine]. Off I can N3DS only by I hold the power button pressed longer. Then I can N3DS restart normal but I start Cubic Ninja and try to scan another QR code is not even the camera opens, but he tries to instantly install the previously aborted Ninjhax, starts at 0% and remains at 70 % hang. ve already my internal SD card formatted, but without success.

So what can I do about this "Cubic Ninja loop" to leave?

The best answer

Yes why do you do it with the correct version tu times Qubix Ninja designs and versuchs

SOLUTION: In the Home screen "A" then press L + R + X + Y simultaneously press and hold until you see a message.

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