As I'm a tattoo itself?

Hello, I wanted to stab me a tattoo itself, it should be only very small.

Between two fingers. I know the risks, so please do not tell me, I wanted to even know what I need for this and how I should proceed.

and sparrt you the comments, where you say (no): D

I need a quick response. : D

Thank you: D

The best answer

Hello, I have my tattoos engraved on the leg itself and no there are no pickles. Have the Tattoowierer learned everything. The tool you need to tattoowieren you can order from Amazon. Is even whole sets

With such a question, I can thanks to head-shaking eh not submit a comment .... Wtf!

Mainly you need in this plan, a good doctor. health insurance you've hopefully by your parents!

Another comment I save ........... oh but, one I still, you do not fall something stupider one ..... ????

I dont know

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