As I now behave correctly when a unangeleinter dog comes running towards me / my dog?

So the following situation: I am this morning run with a 6months old Shiba Inu on the towline, be Fresschen go I had too.

Now a Labrador came running towards us, I had the lady seen with strollers and dog from afar and have Yoshi canvas busted, we are still in training and in the dog school we learned that not like magnets to pop the dogs together. But in time the dog was there behaved rude, picked it up immediately, her mistress cried in vain it back, always turned on the dog because he also smelled the treat and kept his nose in my jacket pocket. Yoshiko recoiled only him it was not safe, Rod was up.

Then managed the mistress sometimes get it and tried to get her dog and said that her dog does not do, however, but hung me formally on my butt. She hissed at me, I had to socialize my dog ​​times properly, otherwise he's always afraid. I told her reasonable, I go to the dog school. They laughed at me and I said to her that she really did not handle her dog and she said it was her second dog and I had no idea, I went ahead and she yelled still something that I not my dog is kept on a leash. I then just said that you should only do if the dog obeys his word, its apparently not.

Now I do not know if I am correct behavior.

The best answer

I think you have told her very politely that they should have their dog under better control and if your dog only young so she should / he definitely play with other dogs, however, when a dog is so intrusive and your dog to turns vain, I'd take him up and carry the dog path leading away or if he / she also makes it so. best regards

Hach yes, the Tutnix Holder ... Do not let persuaded merely that you have done something wrong or with your dog something is wrong! A dog does not simply to rush to a strange conspecifics (especially not when the is lead) and who does not have his dog under control, which may not disturbing sounds stop him. A dog does not welcome any conspecifics or "play" with him. Apart from having a dog that is so distanzlos and other oppressed so far from being a good social behavior!

Experience has shown that you can but you save discussions with such people, but I would consistently protect my own dog in the future. A few such meetings and it may be that your dog learns that he has to sort things out for yourself ...

The next time this happens, take your dog behind you, you build self-confidence and threatening between your and the other dog; some dogs react "Hau ab!" on a geknurrtes. Should not turn the other dog, remains at a pinch even, anything to throw to him (throw chain rattle can). When he comes anyway and your dog harassed, try his collar / to catch dishes or push away with his knee. And let up any discussions ( "The just wanted to play ...") a.

You have the other block, as already described. If the dog still on Your ran, then split. Go slow and relaxed between your and the other dog (back and forth, if it must be). Most then the other dog loses interest.

Let yourself not to babble the Other one, when they say: "doing nothing". To answer only: "but I". You will wonder how fast the other dog is leashed. ;-) And be merely not shy, but angry and determined.

It's hard to come to terms with such people. I did this quite often my dog ​​is slightly rough when it comes to strangers dogs. He does not bite too but ironed out the dogs first down. In Labbi gets even worse, which may mean not at all.

either I send before my dog ​​that is compatible toatl or I block the dog with body language from. It depends on the dog depends.

You can watch a wrong take Active O2 with water simply. If a dog misses you give him a charge. This deters most. And if the owners complain give them a charge.

you'll take care not about what they say, there are self-proclaimed dog professionals. who know and can do everything better.

Blocking. You place yourself in front of your dog and can not ran the other. Unfortunately, there are always dog owners who do not understand that you do not want to always allow dogs contact. You can even tell the next time that he has fleas. Since most are highly motivated.

Dogs are way more secure only if they know that they will be protected by their caregiver. I think you do it all right!

The question does not have much to do with the situation ...

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