As I spread my fingers right?


I practice just on a guitar song.

However, a handle makes me trouble.

And I have to grab the following:

A: 2nd fret

E: 5th fret

Now I wonder.

How can I access as far as?

I am trying with the ring finger on the 5th fret and index finger on the 2nd fret not work there.

But with the little finger on the 5th fret and the index finger on the 2nd fret it did not work well.

When trying I'm with the fingertip of the ring finger not on the page, but which is formally depends what

strikes me as wrong.

But I can not stretch so far as my finger.

Does somebody has any idea?

The best answer

Hey Lux,

this is matter of practice.

The good thing about the guitar is that you have several ways to play the same note / chord. So you can, for example, when your 'Horror Chord' instead of 5 on E and 2 A quite easy open string (0) to A (= 5 E) and the 7th fret access to E (= 2 A).

If you just keep the "lines" are practicing, it should be possible for you soon with the first option, this 'second' to grab.

PS .: I would put the little finger at the heavy variant on E5. If you make trouble using the little finger at the resort, then practice, practice, practice! :)

Best wishes and good luck: D

- Tobi


the first is completely normal. I could not even access to commencing Drop D chords. : D: D Say bend the wrist.

Whether you have to do stretching exercises now, so I do not know. Just stay tuned then the slow. So in your case you would have on the 2nd fret using the index finger and the ring finger on the 5th. For me it goes.

What can still try if an oblique chord emerges:

All sounds can be found more often on the guitar:

Take the index finger on the 2nd fret. Then you choose the tone of actually on the 5th fret is easy on the string below. If the guitar is standard, then takes place the 5th fret open string abut underneath.

With regular stretching exercises you can the mobility of your fingers work, to future measures to engage even difficult handles. A few exercises with videos can be found here:

What do you mean exactly? The "A chord" in the second covenant as Barree and "E chord" in 5 federal or do you mean, A & E, the sides? Although I am then ask again what the two sides E do you mean? Want to ever play a chord? (Maybe I'm considering just because you mean something else entirely an egg. :)

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