as internship cancel?

Hi people Today was my first day in my two-week internship and it was terrible, I'm the only other chased and seemed totally goofy. Nobody has talked to me or something shown. Besides these, I do not want anyone to change diapers or wash, I can not. Do you think I can just call and say I'm sick until next week. I mean it is voluntary and unpaid. If I had to therefore submit a sick leave? I'm moch to your reply

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The first few days are the worst. Stop by and stay optimistic, which is already .. :)

I would think up lies. Maybe you should tell the truth. An internship for is still there to sniff in a profession or? Maybe the others have so understanding. Good luck!

You must / should the hold. NO MATTER how bad or boring it is. You get certainly an internship certificate and you have probably also write a report on it. If you break that there is no certificate and you can not create a wallet also accordingly. Binder = 6. No certificate and no internship certificate = -. If you apply for an apprenticeship you could submit them! This certificate (if it is positive) has helped many people with so what! My tip / Please: PULL THE COMPLETELY !!!

Just try endure. Life was not meant to, if you are from outside the school, can not you just say you did not feel like - so no longer works. By biting - then you will find out what there might be to learn.

Let m i guess .. internship in hospital or similar? And you did not realize that something will be one of your tasks?

If you destroyest now, you lack in any case the internship.

Just tell the you do not like

maybe then changes what

Who you chose this internship? If you were there, then live with your decision, that's working life.

Hang or cancel the internship.

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