As long as I can with this processor still playing games?


I will soon upgrade to mind. a GTX 980, because I like the latest games (GTA 5 and which in the next few years so is) wants to high to very high settings play. I know that only a better graphics card does not help when the other components are not correct.

Have a i7-3770K in standard clock and wanted to know how long I can play with this processor and when do I have to upgrade, because upgrade Only the GPU every year not enough.

Thank you ever for a response.

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At this processor the next 1-2 years is likely to cause any Aufrüstbedarf. Thanks to open multipliers he still offers good OC reserves for later. The GTX 980 it must however not be if you do not excessively much money compared to offered more power as compared to the GTX 970 want to spend.

The is still rich ... At CPU I see the least problems, my i5 from the first Gen. I have overclocked to 3.2 and the wirds make even a while. GPU is mainly at the Games Hauptlesitungsträger, parallel I would still look that your RAM fits and eventually probably. ne SSD plant.

Since you do not have to worry which should be enough even for a while;)

If it know it will but bring nothing then only new CPU cooler and overclock, for what has been otherwise a "K" Model ^ _ ^!

Hmm. Probably until it breaks. You asked how long you can play with the processor still games. This can be understood wrong but no matter.

But I know what you mean anyway. You can gamble still years with the processor on Maxmimum Settings. Come anyway on the graphics card. Even with an AMD FX-8350 can currently gamble everything on max settings. Will probably not change as quickly.

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