As music 5s Iphone?


I want to load music on my iphone 5s. Is there an app or Any program with which I can dissolute best then also in the music store (without jailbreak or laptop)? And should not go one with which I can listen to the songs in this app without internet?

thank you

The best answer

You can songs on iTunes and download. Then you need unique Internet for download and purchase, but then you can the song as many times you want to listen to again and again, because it is then stored on your device.

If you really want to do with a PC or laptop then I empfele you ,, CopyTrans "Gehr quickly and easily

There's a really great app is called "Tube video" so that you can have the music from Youtube download and then listen without internet :)

hiii .... seeking just the app store after a mp3 downloader ... has also worked for me :)

From PC is still the best I know a ITunes cracker but I will not give names


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