as oppose bossy dog ​​owner?

I do everything wrong to view opinionated dog owner ... really a bad ichkriege certain ... but I'll take care of individually but good to my dog. He likes me and I him.

The best answer

if you will therefore addressed to any errors messages, You seem to do badly what is wrong: Today, no longer a man for others interested but /

You That your kind and he like, is not so that you do everything right! : / And also individually take care ... what you vertehst because under?

Unfortunately, nowadays most dog owners unable dogs reasonable to educate (!): Most simply do not know how and they are interested in it hardly. You humanize dogs and teach not reasonable to listen to commands them. The dogs bark, jump (unknown) people to be even though they do not hear without a leash run, begging the dining table, and so on. Other dog owners, or people without a dog annoys something! I hate it when I outside people see the shout their dog (no rhyme or reason), can be rumtanzen by him on the nose or behind pull him on a leash let how ^^ Or if I'm in a cartoon with acquaintances, and the dog sits under the table and begging me to eat at ... that is not at all !!

To educate a dog properly is very important !!! The most important is that he hears a dog always! Always, no matter what !! When does your dog, you have already made very many things right !! ;) If not, and the other are true above, then you should you really time to think ...: /

Just Do take the tips and advice of other dog owners to if you but obviously are doing something wrong but the right;) Be happy and make yourself somehow not offended! Why tackle with, since they still probably my only good ?? It is perhaps bossy over, but if their dog is super educated and you do not, then they have indeed legal !!! ;)


Below You have mentioned two examples:

1. Someone whom I meet regularly always tells me if I'm afraid of other dogs, it has my dog also. But I'm just wary of big dogs. He urges me formally the store.

It's true that dogs take the mood of Herrchens. Am I nervous, it is my dog ​​also. Am I afraid it will protect my dog ​​too, or he tries me.

But caution and anxiety are two different things. So you must firstonce be clear if it is only prudence or anxiety for you.

How then reacts Your dog? Also anxious? Then you should change something.

2. Known say Doll my dog does not spoil and will give him a normal dog food but I want to give him a varied diet. But here I have vowed improvement.

What do you mean by varied diet and what my pamper your acquaintance under?

I feed my dogs raw and thus they get something different every day. This is varied - has nothing to do with pampering.

If you now but liverwurst, ham, cheese and Co give, then this is taken care of and has nothing to do with a varied diet. This is also unhealthy - it makes Hundi permanently thick and sick.

3. These are just two examples, so I just go into the woods where I meet anybody ... anyway my dog has mine least every two days to contact a friendly dog.

You go into the woods because you annoy Klugscheisser? Did I understand that correctly?

I know some who think they would tell me the raw diet is not good or that I should leave my dog ​​neutered. I stand by my actions. I feed raw because I am convinced. My dogs are not neutered, because I do not believe. I have reasons and can argue well. I have enough self-confidence. Nevertheless, there was a Klugscheisserin that has me so annoyed that I no longer walk with her and she had asked to keep out of my life out.

Think about whether the people with their utterances are right or not. Get information about eg diet, about dog behavior etc.

Either you come to the conclusion that are right - then change what or You come to the conclusion that you do everything right. Then do not listen to and share with them that you have no interest in their information. Done.

Übringes only because the dog likes you, does not mean that you do everything right.

If I give my dog every day a double portion food and still some liverwurst, then like the me - would still be wrong.

It is always the case that self-appointed experts know better. Especially when it comes to dogs, cars or football, you meet at seemingly every turn to people who are really convinced firmly them that their knowledge is unlimited and they can do and know.

Such contemporaries are there, that they simply overlooked and their opinions or their associated therewith craving not notes. So I go with them to at least -----------> I discuss gladly objectively about things that are really worth, but not in a know-driven, opinionated base.

If you treat your dog well, he is healthy and both are satisfied, it's okay. What is it to others ?!

Wishing you all the best :)

Unfortunately, there are more and more dog owners who think that because they well get along just with their 1st or 2.Hund (coincidentally?), They are the brightest candle on the cake and have to teach others these days. This applies not only to the field of education, but also for food (especially here).

Unfortunately, but fortunately, there are also a countless number of variants education, employment opportunities and training theories and dog schools, dog trainers and behavior consultants and dog training consultant. So that should be something for everyone.

and Klugscheisser hath always been, and out here at GF ^^

You have 2 ears. Since the drivel goes in one ear and out aderen :-D justify you already have you not at all times. Find out 1, 2 nice and helpful dog people - if you want Hikfe - and look at their dogs. Have the dog a friendly and just nice and open nature as their people, then you're where right. To the others make a bow and ignore the simple!

Hello, Funmichi, I think the fact that dogs many dog ​​owners lately serve as partners or children substitute, dog owners lose their so-called common sense when it comes to dealing with dogs. I think many dogs are thereby abused by their masters that they want Beher (rs) chen, for their own purposes. Our male neighbors and dog owners are good, typical examples: they have nothing more to say because of their dominant women, at home and give their dogs all day clamoring any commands that they have just learned in the dog school, the dogs can a Registered sorry, rather than simply to be allowed to be animal, they must be order takers of their holders, who otherwise nothing more to say. The behavior that is taught in dog schools nowadays, is also very dependent on fashions and this mode is just very misanthropic and therefore it is of non-dog owners some justified criticism one when the dog everywhere hinkoten or hinpinkeln can, for example, because the dog supposedly need for its olfactory imprinting loud dog school. For dog owners at the moment there is an incredible peer pressure that goes many a dog owner's nerves and against it but does not dare to rebel if other dog owners expect, for example, that one remains as dog owners really any other dog and allow that The dogs sniff each other and beraufen, forsake you. on your own feeling everywhere

I'm not a dog owner! But have children, and like children and dogs need a good education. Therefore, you should go to dog school with your dog. He has fun and you then even more on your dog.

He will love you just as then, perhaps even a bit more. If my children also so: D

When it comes to food or feeding times, you can easily also be advised. But is your dog, and the decision is what you do with him with you, unless you mistreat him.

You can watch also times a book about attitude, care and upbringing of a dog purchase. might help thee.

I would like to tell you something, but unfortunately I do not know what you do with your dog and what others say.

There are always people who think they know better, but there are always dog owners actually make so much wrong that a normal dog owners as Wise guy is very fast there.

What becomes thrown you on the head?

If you every day at the breakfast table giving your dog a pack liverwurst, then loves your dog. That is still not long, however, that the dog also does well. But if we are to judge whether you treat your dog really bad, then you should tell us what the "opinionated dog owners' fault.

Now that you do not know what because we can bemägeln the dog owner you not also tell how you can fight it. Vllt you write the question again again with some more detailed information? :)

Nice that you may you, but what for fault these dog owners?


there, and there will always be those people who are called "Wise guy"!

Take a big circle around him, and when he tries to engage you in a conversation, then say: "oh excuse (where your clock watch), but I have no time, I must now perceive an appointment ..." A old trick that still good funktionniert to keep talkers, Langweiler, alls and Co. from the neck away!

LG Emmy

What do they want with you always right? Since you have to be more concrete.

It's always sad to see that people can not give good answers if the questions are so general.

How do we know exactly how you should respond when we really know even know what exactly is the difficulty.

In addition, there is also the risk that you really no good umgehst with your dog, as we only have your word and we do not know why you of "opinionated dog owners" ever angsprochen will. For this reason I consider tips in this direction almost irresponsible.

I realize that I have your question not answered, but I hope I've helped you with this answer for the future something.

Best regards,


Hi, so no one can guess what you ever want ....

- How to defend itself against Rechthaber?

because the answer would let him keep his mind and express your opinion for you, you adopted and is well ...

- I get a bad conscience

this is your hand, a determination, but no question and the meaning behind it is hidden inside a glass sphere ...

I'll take care good care of my dog

some people now did ask where the bad conscience is, where I note that you do not really give why you plaguing your conscience ...

I like my dog and my dog likes me

which is nice, but one wonders what one of the artist trying to say?

should I unfortunately do not know going in what direction this question and what is now expected in response, I type nu just out of the blue and suggest you to go to a dog school that when using a camera you and your dog with your dog practice record and you can then explain how your communication was. So you have even a video demonstration of the next Rechthaber and can safely go and soothe your conscience that everything is really as good as you think it. :)

your question is so unclear, -that you can not answer you.

on what to disturb the the "opinionated dog owner"? when a completely uneducated dog harassed my dogs, you will notice that the hundehlter a word gsagt from me ...

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