-As tasted dog meat?

have fully bock dog but you can buy here in Germany? if not why not

The best answer

As far as I am aware you have to DDR - times allegedly "dog" around Suhl gegessen.Wie it tastes I do not know .... I do not want to know and I am very sure that there are many dog ​​owners or dog lovers do not want to know. The dog is a friend of the people and want to definitely NOT verspeisen.Das same is also true for me in terms of horse or horse meat !!!

It tastes like beef with some taint of - so nothing what one would eat absolutely. You can not buy in Germany, since it due to § 22 Section 1a of the Food Hygiene Regulation - prohibited animals since 1986..

Because most need of dog meat burp.

"Dog eat meat meat" ... Aha this is so, then, therefore human flesh is in your opinion, too "only" fleisch.Also will you only eat the dog, then your leg or something?

Is prohibited in Germany. In Internet forums one can read that it is also not very tasty. Therefore, the question has been resolved ;-)

As cat only smoky ... -_-

Driving times to Switzerland, I say leave me the from there and is served at Dog. I do not'd want to eat.

because dog is not one of our meat suppliers - dog's pals, the not to eat.

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