As the name of this breed of dog ..? the full sweet

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Chow, a breed from China and translates Yummy-Yummy: 'D This Chinese! ^^ Well, they have a blue tongue were used as tensile, passenger and watchdogs as well as meat suppliers. Eating everything nö; P Nevertheless, the Chow-chow is embossed on a single person, so no family dog. Otherwise, they are known for their stubbornness and also have a lot of power. Are no cuddly dogs, although the fluffy fur of course, tempts it;)

Chow Chow is the race. Are very wayward fellows and are not cuddly dog!

Chow Chow is the .In China is unfortunately sometimes eaten!

chow, the dog with the blue tongue: 3

Chow Chow

Chow-chow :)

The dogs hot ChowChow; they look really great - but are not quite as easy to raise ...

It was always used, which had a one-man dog - this meant: they do everything for your loved ones and are otherwise stubborn without end ...

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