As US-Tourist money busking ?!


Caveat: Yes, I know there are already similar posts. Unfortunately, I'm really become smarter from any of them.

My question:

I have a visa for 3 months to travel as a "normal" tourist by the USA next year. Incidentally, I'd like a little bit, and really only just for fun, through music making to earn on the road.

Did anyone else do this before? Is it possible that as a tourist? If yes then strictly commercially !? Is there special permits from the authorities?

Thanks in advance! :)

The best answer

No, this is not possible. If you still hinstellst you somewhere, doing music and will control, you find yourself very quickly on an airfield again and will shown with a longer re-entry ban.

In most areas you need for a license. However, tourists can not get this license.

As far as I know, a license is required for street music. Just as with us, where you are allowed to play at a fixed location in a specific time.

But for tourists it is rather not welcome ......

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