As young dog work off bad behavior?

We have now almost one year Maltese dog, which is a bit out of hand. You really barks as almost everyone on where we pass the Gassigehen and then draws there. Bite it however does not. If you have no desire to walk, she sits down on the floor and moves no more meters, also call then does nothing. I have researched a bit on the Internet, some thought something like this only make unsafe dogs without education and lack of social contacts. This is true but not so on my dog, she is anything but uncertain. Quite the contrary, it is a very dominant and confident dog. We also visit a week with her since puppyhood dog school and go every day about an hour with her 'best friend Dogs' walkies. At too little love and can not lie, I do not know any dog ​​owners who treat their dog as well and love as I and my family. I really love the little of everything and they feel well. We deal a lot with it if long walks, games etc. Can it may also simply be because it is in puberty?

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And what you have learned as a canvas holder at the weekly dog ​​school visits?

How about if you do not call, or even louder will, which would go against crying, but begin to run communicative with your Maltheser?

See you this video which I'll append exactly. But first you need a well-fitting harness and a 3 to 5 m long Gurtbandleine with which your dog once something can escape and is not tightly constrained around it, through to short leash.

It would certainly be wrong to seek another without "dominance theory ancient" working dog trainer. Under the terms of animal learn, calling dog, Cum cane, dog-inform, easy dogs, IBH dog schools and your zip code, you can find positive working dog trainer.

You have to learn and urgently rethink in dealing with your dog.

@thacarterIII because you're asking here, you get the problem resolved itself. I recommend you to look you seek help from a professional man for dogs, for example, a behavior therapist for dogs. Sincerely Delveng

Go with the dog to obedience school that brings it real

No, it is not real educated. If she barks or sitting down, they ignored and changes direction. give treats when she behaves well

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