Ask the bow buying is the better?

Do me lately a Longbow 35 € bought 17 pounds, got the get on Friday so far very satisfied everything was great for the price've seen far from expensive, the poor and preserve the arrows fly 100-120 meters wide.

Have now but again found another namely the here:

http: // _trksid = p2060353.m1438.l2649 & var = 5203180 ...?

A longbow but with 40 Lbs. Now I wanted to know because the bow then 2 1/2 times to train strength and resilience from other then fly the Peile also a lot further because the 120m with a till now is quite far :)

The best answer

I as a layman find it interesting that the question has to do with ebay.

Apparently flying arrows different if a longbow on ebay sold. You seem to be an expert, please explain the connection times.

Ooo, again a weapons question.

Only the problem here lies in the physics and has nothing to do with wood. Despite the: A car with duplicate horsepower does not run twice the speed by far. Right? So it is with the arrow. If I remember correctly, the dependence is quadratic. That is to achieve a double speed needs one (woman also) much more than the double force.

But please do not shoot at living things, hurts like hell, I've even tried.

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