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why is the angle when inclined throw a maximum of 45 degrees

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This is not quite true!

The "crooked" Throw delivers results in principle at all angles.

If we assume the horizontal 0 degrees results in the following results.

> 0 to <90 degrees "slate throw" to the right (in the coordinate system)

> 90 to <180 degrees slate throw to the left (in the coordinate system)

> 180 to <360 degree solution = Throw Distance 0m when vorraussetzt y = 0 corresponds to the bottom

Now there are some specifics:

For angles of 45 degrees and 135 degrees, the maximum casting distance is achieved

For angles of> 45 and <90 degrees, the air throw increases with increasing angle the throw to reach 0m at exactly 90 degrees again to

All angles greater than 90 degrees results in the same (absolute) throw as in the angles between 0 and 90 degrees.

The special feature is that is achieved the maximum throw up at 45 and on all other sizes that are smaller than this maximum value, there are exactly two solutions.

Namely one above 45 degrees and below 45 degrees.

In ballistics with artillery one speaks this way of upper and lower Winkjelgruppe.

The inclined throw there are with any angle.

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