Ask the women -How can you convince you?

What is important to you, you're into macho or men who are there for you and to hear you always?

There's a girl that I like very much. She likes me too much that I know, but I would like to have more. Weis just not if you want to, have not made any intimation.

Now the question is how should I answer it? What should I do? I come at all of them ran, as I always hear her and am there for them? Or I'll sooner gefriendzoned ..?

Thank lg

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I find a mix of both is ideal. But no machos who then flirt with other girls, or turn them on. But some who only has eyes for her, and also her shows. So rather of who is there for you, but you have not too extreme: D

You can not convince you to be with someone a man. That does not and will never work, because it will never be based on honesty.

You should also not someone else represent as you are! Because when it then comes to a relationship, you will always be dissatisfied with the time. Because you can not be the one who you are. You will have two sides in you: The one you see fit feel about and others who find your girlfriend good on you. You'll do things over time and say that goes against your feelings ect.

If she thinks you're mad, then she likes you and not the macho or cute boy next door. It also makes it much more fun when you're together, that other times plays a bit macho. Following the motto when the girlfriend just walking past, gibts nen slap on the ass combined with a cheeky grin and cheeky look. That is a game.

For strength to a 110% Macho only fits a woman from category bitch / Tussi. Because both can be selfish and the other it goes past the A * sch. And I think all the strenuous and too complicated for this caliber.

Just be yourself, because very few people (except narcissists) need someone who is strength to your 150% counterpart, who must all have the same opinion as you, which is boring. If I were to look for a partner, I would look for someone who can connect with me compromise, but also can reach out to me when I can not. One must be able to meet in the middle. I want anyone who is something for me, what it is not.

So the best you you remain yourself and klärst things like "I love you" does not have whatsapp. Basically like girls Men / boys show the feelings, can talk with a neat, have their own opinions and a immermal what issue)

So I'm a girl and I've fallen in love with a boy though I prop did not want to before short. first he was always friendly and open to me and much innteresse shown. he has suddenly become repellent. While this hurts but it falls I think so zimlich. sure but you can not be. And you must not be too long repellent because otherwise she believes that you have no innteresse. but please be in no case the macho type. best yourself

"What is important to you, is it on machos or men who are there for you and to hear you always?"

is not both. former nerves, the latter mortally bored and ends slightly in the friend zone. because you want to not go.

many women who prefer, if man is not only cute, but sometimes the sound indicating. a little "bad boy" does not hurt, because man thereby becomes more interesting and not so predictable.

as with books / dvds: why should one take something where you have when looking out to cover knows what it is? he prefers what, where one does not know what an accurate expected.

Be yourself and bring her laugh. I find there is nothing better than when a boy takes a girl laugh. What the others are concerned, there are several women different men like. Why be yourself so they like you so / can love like you really are. LF

Keep yourself and not adjustable you. This is always best

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