Assistant to the urologist. Should I take the job?

Bin trained nurse and was until now always with a GP.

Now I was a long time out of work and now I finally get a commitment, however, the urologist.

I really want to re arbeiten.Aber going halt the urologist among the Gürtellinie.Ihr know what I mean. I afraid to machen.Katheter to do this and that. I just want to see the sex organs. I do not know if her can to accomplish.

Maybe I place myself just for posting on. My friend says that part of my job and I will not play the princess and the pea.

But I all the time bad because I'm so afraid of tomorrow. The site would halt super because of the working hours (it's really hard to find things for the times when you have a child. Tomorrow I will begin immediately to work without a trial.

Man what can I do I really want to return to work but I'm just so no idea how the net prude ?! no idea.

People I should do something. And to the question why I ever apply the urologist me. I petition me for anything when I'm almost at the freak at home before boredom and not thinking big after. I just want to work but simply

The best answer

Then you have taken from the outset the wrong profession. Also at GP's people need to undress.

First time it is the patient usually unpleasant to talk about their genitals they or show. That you should make yourself aware. And second: You get used to everything !! Take the place at once, and you can always hang incidentally still apply elsewhere

No joke. If you do not want to do then you have chosen the wrong profession.

Hi, you need you for not ashamed and neither do you ask of you. In my opinion, do you really should make the trial period. Then you can decide what you want machdn always nich. Lg

Can you perhaps a trial day - if possible longer - agree?

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