Asthma Spray When it is empty?

I have asthma and as required Spray Salbuhexal. However, I never know how much is still in there. In my spray (Viani forte), I take the morning and evening, I have a counter. Once my need spray was all and I had a severe asthma attack and was hospitalized. Since then I am afraid it could be empty again. How do you know when your inhaler is empty?

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In leaflet is illustrated with pictures, how to see the level reliably; not until the last stroke but enough to detect when the next one is used. And I can confirm a hat-trick there is for the same payment.

Hello shamrock 300, I have to demand Berodualspray -Also without counting. Normally I get 3 pieces of prescribed and need a day about 6 strokes. Normally a dosing ranges then about 1 month. Sometimes it just helps to build ne little mnemonic and roughly estimate how much strokes you have used and when one has begun dosing. Usually is the number of strokes on the yes Pachung contained in a dosing device or on the dosing device itself. And if the agent is prescribed as long-term medication, is a triple pack is definitely worthwhile, because it is more favorable from the payment! All the best to you!

times prescribe a hat-trick Lasse by the doctor. So you can always carry 2 dosing in Zweeifelsfall. With experience, you can also shake the cartridge and estimate the level so roughly. So I do that at least.

My son had asthma. Since there are sprays because you know exactly how much is still in there. Talk time with your doctor. The can you safely prescribe one where you can see how much is still in there.

Simply shake, then you will realize by themselves how full or empty is ist.Wirkt it empty, Holtest you stop a new.

One should of an emergency medicine always have two copies.

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